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Kookaburra Rebellion Composite Stick

Kookaburra Rebellion Composite Stick

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This Kookaburra hockey stick is available in light and medium weights, featuring a great design with Kookaburra branding for a standout look when you're out on the field. This hockey stick has a maxi head shape with Pro Cushion grip and a midbow blade profile with carbon and fibreglass reinforcement for strength and durability.

> Hockey stick
> Midbow blade profile
> Weight: Light
> Construction: Twin tube core with 80% Carbon, 20% Fibreglass matrix
> SFR: soft feel resin for shock reduction
> Carbon and Fibreglass reinforcement
> Maxi head shape
> Pro Cushion grip
> Kookaburra branding
> Length 36.5, 37.5 inch