Kookaburra Rebuke Composite Stick

Kookaburra Rebuke Composite Stick

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Kookaburra’s fabled MBow range, merging the lastest technological advances, performance and scintillating graphics.
The new 2015 MBow collection is so diverse that whether you’re a subtle playmaker, a skillful striker or a determined
defender you will find a model helping you to fulfil your ambition.

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Introducing the Rebuke...experts perfect it, connoisseurs select it!

Profile MBow 2 with PC2
Construction Dual-Core engineering with Carbon Composite technology 80% CARBON & 20% FIBREGLASS
Features Dual Core, Reinforced Precision Edge, KCF & SFR
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Grip Pro Cushion
Weight Light
Length 36.5"