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We are official distributors for Obo Goalkeeping products.

Obo are a New Zealand based company who manufacture what is widely accepted as the best goalkeeping equipment worldwide. 

Obo provide different levels of protection:

Robo Range: 

Designed for players at a national or senior level (and those who want to get there). OBO’s Robo range is the one most Olympians and national goalies rely on for performance and style, protection and complete confidence. Robo is where the ambitious player should be aiming.

Robo is available in two styles:

  • Hi-Control: Provides the ultimate in close control, used by goal keepers who adopt a traditional style of play and like to log at corners.
  • Hi-Rebound: Provides a combination of rebound and control for the modern day keeper wishing to remain upright for as long as possible.
Cloud Range:

The Cloud range is very popular with the serious player and with good reason. Sure, it’s slightly less stylish and durable than Robo, but it’s also lighter, offers great ball control and is well priced if you’re cost conscious. Cloud players (sized 14 years and up) get a load of protection, a fast and furious game and top agility on a budget.

Yahoo Range:
Similar in style to the Cloud, the Yahoo range has just a few less design features. It puts players on the improvement fast track; combining the confidence of great protection with amazing agility for a very decent price tag. It's designed for players who want results but without major outlay.

Ogo Range:
OGO players are maybe just discovering the coolness of the game we know and love. They don’t necessarily want to get serious and they don’t have to practice all hours, but they still desire speed, agility and confidence. OGO is no fuss, no messin’, plenty of fun, basic entry level gear made for all-comers aged 7-14 years.

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